1. Greek language lessons

This curriculum is for people who have limited time to get in touch with the basics of the Greek language and culture.

The courses of one week include 24 hours of lessons that familiarize you with the Greek language, culture and everyday life. A combination of classroom lessons with tours and excursions in the region, will give you the opportunity to learn how to talk about yourself, how to ask information from locals, how to get travel directions and how to order at local taverns and cafes.

The courses of two weeks address to people who want a first contact with the Greek vocabulary, Greek grammar and syntax in order to develop basic communication skills.

The program includes 40 hours of teaching that combines language and culture tutoring. You will be teached into the classroom and through outdoor activities and you will be able to talk about yourself, to describe your daily routine, to contact with local people, to take and give travel directions and of course to…have fun ala Greek! At the same time, you will get in touch with key elements of Greek grammar and syntax.

Courses of four weeks are suitable for individuals who desire a deeper contact with the Greek language in order to conquer the structures and practice the language in its natural environment.

This program includes 70 hours of language teaching combined with cultural activities and familiarity with the everyday life of the locals. Through your language lessons and excursions you will learn how to talk about yourself, how to move independently, how to participate in discussions with broader topics and how to exchange a variety of information in public places.

2. Greek language lessons

The courses aim at advanced students who wish to deepen further in the Greek language.

The program of courses adapts to your level of language proficiency, which is defined through certified tests before the beginning of the course. The courses last one, two or four weeks and focus not only on your language development but also on your cultural familiarity with everyday life, manners and customs of the locals.

Cultural activities:

Introductory activities with the culture and history of the region may include:
  • tours to historical sites-monuments
  • outdoor excursions
  • visits to theater and (open-air) cinemas
  • Greek music concerts
  • acquaintance with the local cuisine
  • visits to local celebrations and festivals
  • visit to the local market
  • acquaintance with the Greek art and literature